At first glance, it is usual pictures ... But each of them is hiding chilling story.

It is said that one picture can tell more than a thousand words. For these images, you can safely assume that they will tell you more ... Stories associated with these pictures - it is a mystery ... From some of them downright blood-curdling veins. Many of these pictures were taken a moment before something truly tragic and terrifying. When you find out what people were not even aware, captured in these photos, you will not feel ...

John Lennon and Mark David Chapman
This is one of the most famous last shots of John Lennon made an instant before his tragic death. In the photo, he gives an autograph to one of his loyal fans. But then Lennon almost guessed it Mark David Chapman - the man who eventually killed him.

Family photo 19th century
Many of the photographs of this era gets pretty blurry. The process of shooting is usually time consuming. To get a clear picture, people had to stand still for a moment and did not move. As you can see, a girl who is at the center, turned in the photo well. That's because she's dead ... It turns out that in the Victorian era there was a terrible tradition of pictures of people after their death.

Pogo the Clown
On the surface this is the usual ridiculous clown. But who would have thought that this would be a harmless clown known serial killer and rapist John Gacy, who from 1972 to 1978 committed 33 murders.

School Video
At first glance, this is a common school photo 90s ... But if you look closely, in the upper left corner you can see the boys who allegedly fired a gun at imaginary camera lens. This is Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold - the infamous killer who April 20, 1999 carried out a mass execution in the walls of the school in the town of Littleton Columbine.

Travis Alexander
This photo dreamy guy had done his girlfriend. At first glance, the picture does not arouse suspicion. But in fact this is the last photo of Travis Alexander, made a minute before his death. His girlfriend shot her future husband and decided to capture the process of killing from the beginning to the end of the camera. Travis Alexander was found dead in his bathtub with multiple stab and gunshot wounds.

James Bulgar
In this picture shows James Bulgar - a two-year boy, who soon was kidnapped and murdered by two ten-year boys. The boys were arrested and became the youngest convicted murderers of the 20th century.

The attack in Omagh
This photo father and daughter was made August 15, 1998 a few minutes before the red car will explode and kill 29 people. The fact that representatives of the Real IRA (Real Irish Republican Army) mined dozens of cars. On this day in Omagh, Northern Ireland, the group has carried out a massive terrorist attack.

The cult of the heavenly gates
This is a snapshot of the members of the group Cult of the heavenly gates, which, like their leader, believed that the end is not far off. To be saved and to be favorably delivered in an alien spaceship, they had to commit suicide.

Tyler Hadley
This terrible thing happened in Florida. One night, Tyler Hadley killed his parents and hid their bodies. About 3 hours he tried to remove evidence pointing to murder, then invited his friends to a party and took this picture.

From the stories behind these photos, it is a truly creepy. You can never be sure what will happen the next second ... Show me the fatal shots, from which comes the creeps, your friends.

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