This singer - a rising star who proved to the world that disability - not a sentence.

Viktoria Modesta - new scandalous pop singer who attracted much attention from the public. What's so special? The fact that a rising star amputated leg.

Victoria was born February 25, 1988 in Daugavpils, Latvia. At birth, it greatly damaged leg, which resulted in the subsequent 20 operations throughout life. Alas, medical manipulations have not yielded positive results, and in 2007, the year she agreed to the amputation of limbs. B>

in a similar situation, people often become discouraged and consider themselves inferior. But Modest Victoria - not the case. Not only that, she decided to conquer show business, she also made the highlight of his disability. B>

The scandalous video for the song «Prototype» gained millions of views in just a week, and it's not surprising, because this world has ever seen.

«Forget all that you know about the disability" - these words begins the clip. Whatever happens next - frames are not familiar to the average viewer. We have always felt that physical inferiority and show business - the concept of incompatible. But this girl makes a cult of their disability, showing that it is - not a sentence. In fact, creativity Modesto Victoria was a real breakthrough in modern pop culture. This singer has given hope to all those who believed that because of physical disability the road to fame for them is closed.

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