It's not Photoshop! This abnormal fruit from Japan has a very simple explanation ...

Japan - the mysterious land of myths and mysteries, which is famous for its ancient traditions and rich culture too. Such a feeling that at every step of waiting for you here anything unusual. For the average European is almost everything seen in this country, in wonder. In Japan even ordinary fruits such as pear, orange and watermelon, and that - unusual. I thought I had seen everything, but this I have never seen!

Those modifications Japanese prodelyvayutya fruit, in fact - and not a miracle, they have a simple explanation.

With these molds, you can turn even the most ordinary watermelon huge heart. What is not a romantic gift for your girlfriend?

Excellent! The Japanese know how to surprise. Show these miracle fruits to your friends. I bet they are, this has certainly not seen ?!

via ofigenno ru


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