Top 15 films that forever will change your attitude towards life. Be sure to view!

Surely you've felt something like this: viewing some movies, sitting and staring at the screen, unable to move away from what he saw ... In fact, there are works of genius of cinema that will satisfy any person. The reasons can be many: strong acting, talented director, interesting themes, an unexpected outcome, suspenseful plot. But most often it is a symbiosis of all factors really allows you to remove a masterpiece painting. What is most surprising - these films would be desirable to revise again and again, they are growing more than one generation, each time discovering something new. Today offers a list of the best films that will completely change your outlook on life. Start watching now!

1. Schindler's List / Schindler's List (USA, 1993)

Legendary film by Steven Spielberg tells the real story of the enigmatic Oskar Schindler. Upon arrival in Poland at the beginning of World War II, he managed to organize in Krakow factory for the production of enamelled products. To work on it attracts thousands of Jews rounded up by the Nazis in the ghetto and have no means of subsistence. This is truly a brilliant picture of a prosperous factory owner, who escaped death in the terrible days of the war more than a thousand Jews.

2. Requiem for a Dream / Requiem for a Dream (USA, 2000)

Darren Aronofsky's genius cinematography create a stunning picture about the dependence on anything. Each of the main characters of the film tends to his cherished dream. Sarah wants to play in the famous TV show, her son, Harold - fabulously rich, and his girlfriend Marion dreams of becoming a designer, and open his own fashion shop. On their way there are many obstacles, chief among them - addiction. Dreams still remain inaccessible, and the characters' lives are crumbling irretrievably ...

3. Life is beautiful / La Vita รจ bella (Italy, 1997)

Lovely picture Italian director talks about how quiet and peaceful life of a Jew Guido and his family is changing with the advent of World War II. A man with his son taken to the concentration camp where infirm prisoners killed in the gas chambers. Merry Guido is doing everything possible so that the son did not know about the true state of things, and thinks that they play in the game ... What special prize waiting for the winner of the competition, you will learn in the film. Be sure to view!

4. The Green Mile / The Green Mile (USA, 1999)

Shot on the eponymous book by Stephen King, the film tells of the death row prison "Cold Mountain", where once there John Coffey, accused of a terrible crime. Newcomer different from the other prisoners, he had an amazing growth and was frighteningly calm. But this is not all the features that made Paul Edgecombe, law-abiding executioner, to draw attention to the black. What will happen to John, what powers he has and whether Paul to help him - the answers to these questions you will find in the film.

5. Knockin 'on Heaven / Knockin' on Heaven's Door (USA - Germany, 1997)

Martin and Rudy - the two main characters - meet at the hospital, where doctors take out their death sentence, they remained a matter of days. Then the events of the film take place in a rapid pace: not thinking, guys steal a car with a million in the trunk and escape from the hospital. They pursue assassins, the police chased after them. Will the heroes get to the sea - a place where they go in their allotted time?

6. The Shawshank Redemption / The Shawshank Redemption (US, 1994)

Successful banker Andy Dyufreyn charged with double murder he did not commit. Caught in the legendary prison, from which it is impossible to escape, called Shawshank, he is faced with the brutality and lawlessness reigning on both sides of the grid. But even in the prison Dyufreynu not save a person and become a trusted friend. An example of this heroic character shows that nothing is impossible. The main thing - do not lose hope and wait!

7. Fight Club / Fight Club (USA, 1999)

Tormented by chronic insomnia clerk meets certain Tyler Durden, who believes that self-improvement - for the weak, because self-destruction - the only thing worth living for. After a while, the characters begin to fight with each other, which gives them an inexplicable pleasure. Gradually, they found a secret Fight Club, which is a huge success. But at the end of the film you'll get a shocking discovery! You could not even imagine ...

8. 1 +1 (Untouchables) / Intouchables (France, 2011)

Affected by the accident, a wealthy aristocrat, Philip hires an assistant person, which is less suited for the job - a young resident of the suburbs Driss, who had just been released from prison. Although none of the inhabitants of the house are not enthusiastic about the choice of the host, the guy becomes not that a good nurse, and the best friend of Philip, confined to a wheelchair. Drissa manages to bring color to a boring life and a measured aristocrat ...

9. The Butterfly Effect / The Butterfly Effect (USA, 2004)

The film's protagonist - a boy Evan - took over from his father-Psycho strange disease: he does not remember some episodes of his life, and in these moments occurred pretty strange and terrible events. Soon, Evan makes a surprising discovery: reading the diary that a child on the advice of a doctor, he can return to those events and their actions change the future. Only now does he only got worse ...

10. Beauty, the American / American Beauty (US, 1999)

The film tells the story of Lester Burnham, who is going through a midlife crisis: the work is not happy, is not respected by colleagues and family on there was only an appearance. But unexpectedly the hero falls in love with a classmate's daughter Angela. This ardent passion gives Lester powerful life impulse, he feels a surge of strength and ready to once again enjoy the beauty. Just do not whether it will have terrible consequences?

11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (USA, 2004)

When finally invented a machine that allows you to get rid of any memories, Joel and Clementine decide to throw each other out of your head. But in the memory of Joel is still alive the most delicate moments of their feelings. The less he remembers, the more he loves. Realizing that he can not live without the beloved, Joel tries to find a way to bring back fond memories of the past ... In the film, put the main question: Can we erase the memory good and whether it protects people from the new bugs?

12. Hunting / Jagten (Denmark - Sweden 2012)

Charming kindergarten teacher lives a lonely life, all the while fighting for custody of his son. His life begins to build, but suddenly everything is interrupted ... unexpected lie 4-year-old girl. From Lucas immediately made an outcast. Although the little girl is confused in the testimony, adults willing to convince the baby: and it was ...

13. Life of Pi / Life of Pi (US - UK - Taiwan - Canada, 2012)

This is a story of an Indian son of the owner of the zoo, a boy named Pi. Will the fate of his family to emigrate. Halfway between India and Canada freighter shipwrecked and Pi miraculously manage to survive by staying in the boat with a Bengal tiger, a hyena, a zebra and an orangutan. Coexist in the same boat - not an easy task. Cope with it whether the main character?

14. Flew Over the Cuckoo / One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (USA, 1975)

The main character of the film, Randle McMurphy, threatened with imprisonment, which he avoids simulating dementia and getting in a psychiatric hospital, where almost undivided owner of a cruel sister, Mildred Ratched. Man is amazed that other patients put up with this state of affairs.

And decides to rebel. By oneself. 15. Outlaw / Cast Away (US, 2000)

The hero of this movie, Chuck Nolan - member of the world famous shipping service, rigorous practices and incorrigible pedant. However, ruthless fate forces him to look at life differently: plane that travels Chuck falls into the ocean. The only one who was lucky enough to stay alive, he finds himself on a desert island. There Nolan will spend agonizingly long years in a brutal battle for survival ...

Without remorse, you can say that this golden collection of movies that will make you a very different look at the world. Most share this list with another: what if he had not yet seen anything of these masterpieces.

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