These wise and poignant words of Michael Zhvanetskogo make you rethink your life ...

Most of us are trying to live a quiet measured life without fuss or hassle, trying to come to terms with the environment that is not always pleasant to us. Every day we go to work, which is not always like us to receive a salary, which is not always suits us. But what to do? To live it is necessary. You have to think about the future of children, parents ... Who will support them if we do not? Meanwhile, the years go by. And one day we wake up in the night and realize that everything seems to be quite different, as we would like, and not what we wanted to be. Only here to change something like it is too late. But this is not true! We must live as long as you breathe, and do it the way YOU want to, because in fact our life is so short ...

That's what he thinks satirist Mikhail Zhvanetskiy on this occasion.

«Life is short. And we should be able to.
Must be able to walk away from a bad movie. Throwing bad book.
Away from the bad man. A lot of them. It's not going to throw.
Even away from mediocrity.
A lot of them. Time is more expensive.
Better sleep.
It is better to eat.
It is better to look at the fire, a child, a woman, on the water.
Music became the enemy of man.
Music is imposed, climbs into his ears.
Through the wall.
Through the ceiling.
After half.
Inhales and blows music synthesizers.
Low hit in the chest, high itch under the seals.
Performance less than arrogant, but he, too, can not escape.
Chic. Pulls.
Put the bandwagon ...
Computer prilipchiv, glows like a ghost, beckoning like an Oriental bazaar.
Digging, looking, looking.
Well, find something, you try to adjust it, throw again dig, found something, turned it over in my head, threw.
Thoughts common.
Word of the general.
No! Life is short.
Only book delicate.
He took off the shelf.
It is not arrogance.
It does not penetrate into you without asking.
It should be on the shelf, silent, waiting to take warm hands.
And she revealed.
If people like this.
There are a lot of us. All not look through.
Even one.
Even his.
Even yourself.
Life is short.
Something opens itself.
For something to set the rules.
For the rest there is no time.
Act one: go, throw, run, do not open or slam!
In order not to give this moment assigned to another ». I>

Indeed, life and existence - are two different things. We must learn to live and appreciate the time, because it is precious. In no case can not "kill" it, because this way you cut a piece of his life - a piece of wasted. Personally, I thought a lot, reading the words of Mikhail Mikhailovich. I hope the same thing happened to you.

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