25 indescribably beautiful minerals and rocks, which is reflected in the whole world.

Nature, an experienced artist and a master of all trades, create wonderful masterpieces, from which it is difficult to look away. It is not only inspiring landscapes and incredible natural phenomena, but also of the minerals that are born in the bowels of the earth, absorb its energy and striking in their extraordinary beauty.

All these 25 stones different color, shape, structure, they may even different to the touch. But the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness characteristic of each mineral from the list without exception. Each stone is like a little world, which can hide the deep ocean, fiery sunset clouds and lush.

1. Sunset in fire opal

Photo: Flickr

2. Within this cloud of opal are

Photo: Imgur

3. And this disgrace can see the ocean

Photo: Innagem

4. Bismuth

Photo: Bismuthcrystal

5. Black Opal

Photo: Imgur

6. Amethyst geode "Emperor Uruguay┬╗

Photo: Tumblr

7. Petrified Opal

8. Rose Quartz

9. Fluorite

Photo: Tumblr

10. Burmese tourmaline

Photo: Jeffreyhunt

11. Titanium Quartz

Photo: Imgur

12. Chrysocolla

Photo: Old.Irocks

13. Skoletsit

Photo: Imgur

14. Watermelon tourmaline

Photo: Flickr

15. Azurite

Photo: Crystalvaults

16. Rhodochrosite

Photo: Imgur

17. Bismuth

Photo: Deviantart

18. Uvarovite

Photo: Flickr

19. Realgar

Photo: Tumblr

20. Crocoite

Photo: Reddit

21. Fluorite, quartz and pyrite

Photo: Minfind

22. Kobaltokaltsit

Photo: Smore

23. Tourmaline on quartz with lepidolite and cleavelandite

Photo: Imgur

24. Rhodochrosite

Photo: Imgur

25. Crocoite

Photo: Imgur

These beautiful stones are incredibly beautiful, they can watch forever. There is no doubt that in real life they look to better times. Who would have thought that common minerals can be so beautiful. I'm sure your friends will be surprised to see them. Share this article with them.

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