This event shook the entire world! 16 exciting pictures of the eruption of the volcano.

About a week ago there was a truly great event, which put on the ears of the whole world. In southern Chile awoke 2000-meter volcano Calbuco. It is a rare occurrence forced rescuers to sweat. They had to evacuate more than 4 000 people living in neighboring cities and towns. Eruption especially touched cities like Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas with a total of 250 000 people. Locals full speed run by their cars with gasoline, collect valuables, documents, and leave the area. However, the Argentine authorities urged citizens not to panic and stay calm.

Last time the eruption of the volcano could be observed in 1972, the government of the country was, to put it mildly, is not ready for this event. Calbuco is a stratovolcano, or as it is called, layered volcano, characterized by periodic explosive eruptions. Among these volcanoes - the notorious fire-breathing giants Krakatau, Mount Vesuvius and Mount St. Helens. One can only hope that the Calbuco not prepare a surprise, as the above-mentioned Flaming Mountains.

Meanwhile, social networking is a real buzz. The whole Internet is teeming with images awakened volcano. Frankly, in the photos, it looks pretty scary!


Photo: Bored Panda

stunner that can be seen perhaps only once in his life ...


Photo: Imgur

How beautiful is so scary!


Photo: Time

I was like paradise ...


Photo: 500px


Photo: 500px


Photo: 500px

The artwork from nature itself.


Photo: 500px


Photo: Imgur

Hold me! I'm going to faint ...


Photo: YouTube


Photo: 500px

It's crazy, How nice, then what!


Photo: Bored Panda

This is the land and showed his strength ...


Photo: 500px


Photo: Bored Panda


Photo: 500px


Photo: Imgur

I have already sweaty palms! ..


Photo: 500px

Of course, not very appropriate to say, but it's a heck of a beautiful sight! Although this is a natural phenomenon rather dangerous, it is still impressive. We believe that the residents of Chile will be all right. Show these unique pictures to your friends.


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