The eruption of Mayon volcano in the Philippines (9 photos)

Tens of thousands of villagers in the Philippines have been forced to flee their homes after Mayon Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the country rooted shining pillar of lava and ash high into the sky.

Lava flows out of the crater of Mayon volcano cone height of 2462 meters. The picture was taken in Legaspi, Albay province, southeast of Manila on Dec. 15. Authorities began evacuating thousands of villagers who live next to the most active volcano in the Philippines after the Tuesday of the volcano threw ash and lava began to trickle. (Charism Sayat / AFP - Getty Images)

Villagers living on the slopes of Mayon volcano ride in a military vehicle after being evacuated from their homes in Camalig, Albay province, December 15th. Soldiers and police evacuated more than 50,000 people from the "danger zone" five miles around the foothills of the Mayon volcano. (Erik de Castro / Reuters)

Lava cascade flows down the slopes of Mayon volcano December 15th. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology assess the danger Mayon volcano in three points out of five. This means that complete eruption is likely in the near future. (Dennis M. Sabangan / EPA)

Filipino boy next to other villagers in a military truck, during the evacuation of the five-mile danger zone around Mayon volcano December 15th. (Dennis M. Sabangan / EPA)

Mayon volcano ash plume throws into the air in the province of Albay in Legaspi December 15th. (Charism Sayat / AFP - Getty Images)

Local residents look at Mayon volcano from a safe distance on the hill Lingones December 15th. (Erik De Castro / Reuters)

Full eruption is likely in the near future. However, the Institute of Volcanology also reported that the volcano could still take it easy and without eruptions. (Erik de Castro / Reuters)

Mayon volcano, which is located in an agricultural area of ​​the Philippines, has erupted 48 times for already well-known story, taking thousands of lives. (Erik de Castro / Reuters)


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