What is the clothing brand from the Internet to an ordinary woman. The difference is killing!

How many thousands or even millions of people around the world fired by ordering clothes online. Recall only those would-be buyers who are unlikely to ever reach the people in their "stunning" new clothes. The fact that the picture on the internet sites are often very different from what it actually is. To avoid this hook, you should always remember that the clothing is often not advertise mere mortals, and models. Moreover, it was not forbidden to handle even the most successful pictures in graphic editors. Unfortunately, the truth is often on-the-very far from being licked pictures.

Two women from the United States, Christine and Sheridan did not hide the fact that just did adore buying even though they wear clothes, plus size. Desperate shopaholics decided to conduct an interesting experiment, ordering things known online stores. Soon, they showed the world the shocking difference between the way it is presented on the site and how it actually looks. B>


Since most manufacturers are now producing their own line of clothes on thin and slender women, women with a more rounded forms often have to order clothes online. This means that they could not previously thing to try and see how it sits. Thus all those who do not fit the classic 90-60-90, can only rely on their own measurements and believe idealized pictures on the web. B>


ordered a few things to different online resources, specializing in the sale of branded clothing, bold and Kristin Sheridan desperate to show the public how the expectations of the beautiful clothes breaking on the hard cobbles of reality. Left - photos of models in this thing, and the right - the way it looks on ordinary women. The difference results in shock. A pretty funny comments activists: they describe unvarnished all the feelings of people who were deceived. B>


Christine: «I feel like this dress make me formless eggplant». i>

Sheridan: «I feel that I have been betrayed. This was to be a great dress on a neutral shade with a good brim. Instead, it just cries out to me: "Congratulations, here's your zhivotische!» » I>


Christine: «I do wear one size with a model? It seems that this shirt - a party in a flower garden, which were invited, but my self-esteem ». I>

Sheridan: «This is a shirt or a suit for surfing? Of course, I love the prints, but this ... blouse looks even more ridiculous than me many years ago, searching for someone to dance at the prom ... » i>


Kristen: «I obviously did not put the bra under the dress ... It seems that I look like a superhero who overslept and got the worst outfit on sale». i>

Sheridan: «Do I deserve it? I'm so perfumed neck as if I had been hanged. I am very hot. People wear it to the club, and then probably die from the heat that comes from this suit? » I>


Christine: «Meow! I hate clothes that makes my belly and breasts like faces some of the Muppets ». I>

Sheridan: «I obviously do not like this thing. I do not feel that that is not sexual, and even attractive. Only itchy ». I>


Christine: «For me this zipper on the skirt looks like a drunk trying to hold the line». i>

Sheridan: «This skirt is sitting on me, so that, perhaps, people will yield to me a place in transportation, thinking that I'm pregnant». i>


Christine: «Do not get me wrong, but ... this skirt does not balk at the model?» i>

Sheridan: «Problems of tall girls. That's quite decent skirt to work turns into an excellent tool for seducing secretaries ». I>


Christine: «I want to say that I ordered this thing, on the basis of their yardsticks». i>

Sheridan: «I look at these pants is ridiculous!» i>


Christine: «I like when everything in moderation - not too little and not too large. But, sorry, I do with this? » I>

Sheridan: «Pray for me, if I ever need another polyester». i>


Christine: «I look in those shorts so ridiculous, though some mother of 80 just went shopping in a supermarket». i>

Sheridan: «I have never in my life did not wear nothing more frustrating denim. Maybe to someone it looks good, but just not on me ... » i>


Christine: «My ... looks like a huge mouth that wants to swallow jeans». i>

Sheridan: «I can not look at it. This is terrible ». I>


This project is creative American wanted to prove that a woman with a curvy shape too, are worthy of good clothes. If the fair sex plus size order things online and throw a lot of money on it, they have the right to get a good, quality product that will hide their flaws and emphasize the advantages (as, indeed, and it is shown in the picture online stores). After all, every customer has the right to provide truthful information! Christine and Sheridan, and we with them, sincerely hope that this experiment will help many women in the world to save money, be more selective in choosing clothes and not blindly believe everything they see on the edited photos online.

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