When the mother of the twins got the results of the paternity test, she did not believe my eyes ...

The world might be a lot of interesting and unexpected. How, for example, the story that started quite banal. The girl got pregnant out of wedlock, and the father refused to admit that the children from him to avoid paying alimony. As often happens in such cases, the court appointed a genetic examination.

But when she got her results were surprisingly not only they, but also doctors, judges and others. Such cases are very rare, but from the alleged father was conceived by only one of the children. Already a short time later, this incredible story spread through all the media, causing confusion in people and a light shock.

Such a phenomenon in medicine is called "superfecundation" and it happens only 1 time for 13 000 cases. It turns out, is very rare, but it happens that two or more eggs at a time interval fertilized by multiple partners. Indeed, the woman admitted that, except with the alleged father of the children, she was intimate with another man. The court decided everything for justice and ordered the defendant to pay child support only one twin.

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