25 touching family portraits of animals. That's who really values ​​his family!

Almost all of us have albums of family photographs. These pictures everyone wants to look perfect. And for some people, the quality of the picture means much more than family relationships. So often to create family albums attract professional photographers and make-up to make it look beautiful. But rarely such images look sincere.

But anyone can learn sincerity in expressing feelings, it's the animals! They can not fake. And all their emotions are clearly visible in the photographs. Edition Ofigenno.cc offers you to browse a selection of touching family photos of animals. Not all people are capable of such tenderness.

The white bear with cubs nursed.

Giraffes admire her baby.

The idyll in the family of macaques.


Here are the elephant tenderness.

Even crocodiles may look pathetically.

The lambs with their mother sheep.

Who said that frogs do not care about frogs?

The plot worthy of a picture Ivan Shishkin.

German Shepherd posing for a family portrait.

Touching obnimashki meerkats.

And even more cuddles gophers.

right frame of the movie about a young deer, Bambi.

Little battleship worn on the hands. To be more precise, on the tail!

Small sovushki, furry little head.

Happy family photo of cats.

Another family seals, this time sea.

Mother opossum rushes with his rebyatney.

Dolphins on a family outing.

Quokka-mom-dad and Quokka child kvokkёnok.

In the literal sense, my mother's wing!

And who had the idea to name these mils ugly ducklings?

The king, the queen and the little princes of the animal world.

Yes, son, we'll listen carefully!

Who said that humans evolved from monkeys? Many of them are still to grow and grow. B>

All previous frames happy family life animals made it so!

Looking at these lovely animals, and he becomes better. Give your friends a portion of positive emotions, sharing with them these pictures.

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