Actors of the film "Guest from the Future" 30 years later. Such family!

Children's mini-series, showed the audience in 1984, sunk into the heart of all Soviet schoolchildren. Five series of exciting adventure from director Paul Arsenov, who took them on a story by McGee "One Hundred Years Ahead" became a sensation at the time. The incredible journey in time, the struggle with the insidious space pirates, the girl from the future with huge beautiful eyes - all this did not allow for a second off the screen. A wonderful song about Beautiful far by the trio "Meridian" is still in the list of favorite of many people, first heard it at the end of the fifth series of "Guest from the Future." Anyone who has this film is a gentle, plaintive feelings will certainly be interesting to see how the look in our time actors who played in it.

Alice Selezneva - Natalia Guseva

An employee of the Institute of time Polina - Elena Metyolkin

March Skryl - Natalya Varley

Fima Korolyov - Ilya Naumov

Nick Sadowski - Semen Buzgan

Professor Seleznev - Yuri Grigoryev

Alla S. - Ekaterina Vasileva

Biorobot Werther - Yevgeny Gerasimov

Nick Sulima - Anton Sukhoverko

Father Paul - Vladimir Spout

Head Nurse - Valentine Talyzina

A member of the Institute of time - Boris Shcherbakov

Lena Dombazova - Natalia Shanaeva

Boris Messerer - Alex Ants

Grandmother Julia - Lyudmila Arinina

Electronic Ivanovich - Igor Yasulovich

Babbitt XX century - Andrei Grads

Schoolgirl in outer port - Inna Gomes

Julia fungal and Alice Selezneva - Mariana Ionesyan and Natalia Guseva

This cult film will forever remain in the hearts of everyone who grew up in the Soviet era. I am glad that most of the actors, which for many had become a family, not just look good thirty years, but also to actively continue their professional activities. If you, too, recalled with pleasure about the adventures of Alice Selezneva and her friends, be sure to share this material with your friends on social networks. They will be grateful to you for a few minutes of pleasant nostalgia.

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