12 returns to the reality of pictures that smartphones captured our lives.

Many people find the freedom that, in fact, eventually luring them into slavery network. All of them, of course, trying to distance itself from its dependence. However, even a single patient is not admitted that he was ill. It's no secret that the fascination with modern technologies, particularly smartphones, it has now become almost a mass psychosis. The predecessor of the smartphone Phone believe IBM Simon, first presented to the public yet 23 November 1992. Since then much water has flowed, and we did not have time to look around, at the mercy of things which, in theory, should serve us.

This 12 returns to the reality of pictures that prove that smartphones possession of our lives. A little scary ...

Do not spill water.

Though henna!

In fact, the right family idyll ...

How well have changed our priorities!

Simulation relations.

Do not tell me what's wrong, this was not.

pohlesche drugs ...

Fortunately, during the collapse of the Titanic was not smart!

The restriction of freedom.


Adults - such children!

The unfortunate reality.

As they say, better a bitter truth than sweet lies. Why lie to yourself? If you're reading this post from your smartphone, Drop it, and instead share the article, I'll go better to walk.

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