Voice Assistant is now available on Amazon for all

Amazon Corp. last year announced an interesting project - the creation of a voice assistant for the house. Assistant is a wireless column, which "understands" the human speech and can perform many of the voice commands. In addition to answering questions, as in the case Cortana and Siri, is also supported by the ability to manage smart devices.

The device was very interesting (and, admittedly, unusual), it is clear that there were those who wanted to get Amazon Echo. But for a long time to reach the desired page you can pre-order only through an invite. Today, the company has opened access to the странице Order for all.

The cost of an assistant from Amazon is $ 179, shipped the first batch of 99 Echo starts July 14th. By the way, since the announcement of the company was able to significantly improve the chances of Echo, adding some features that make the device compatible with a wide range of models of smart devices. Like heat in the house - you just need to give the appropriate command Echo (or Alexa - so called service which gives life to the Echo), and the device already gives the other team a thermostat Nest. I would like more light - there is a parade commanded by Philips Hue. In addition, the developers have done a gadget compatible with automated scripting platform IFTTT. Well, even Alexa / Echo can pleasant voice read a book at night . < br />
The quality of voice recognition and accuracy is also improved. What else is able to Echo? Here's the video:

Source: geektimes.ru/company/medgadgets/blog/252438/


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