Mirai - this is the future. The world's first production car on hydrogen fuel. If you believe Toyota. Minifotoreportazh

Here it is, our beauty. Or not? Well, as they say it is the taste and color ... But what modern!


What we rejoice this new technology? Comfort inside the cabin, quiet ride, futuristic dashboard design. H4>

Thanks to the onboard computer, you can not worry about that the fuel runs unexpectedly. H4>

The undoubted advantage over her fellow environmental is a long distance run on a single filling. About three hundred kilometers. H4>

Refueling is quick and easy. Just two minutes and you can go further. The Truth Behind the apparent simplicity conceals enormous technological problems. Liquid hydrogen, which is fuel for the machine, it is difficult to produce, but more difficult to deliver to the place of refueling and store. H4>

Auto, first of all, to like Arab sheikhs. First, a minimum configuration it costs more than 60 000 dollars, and secondly, from the exhaust pipe pours water - in the desert of thirst will not die! H4>

Well, let's drink from the exhaust pipe for the latest innovations to high technology have helped improve the environment, and not to turn the world into "radioactive ash." In the future, for Mirai! H4>

Source: geektimes.ru/post/251928/


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