The Toyota hydrogen car as an alternative to electric

For those who want to use the car on alternative fuels, today we have to choose between buying gas for hybrid vehicles and finding charging stations for your Tesla. But Toyota thinks otherwise — they plan to use hydrogen.

Mirai is an ambitious project of Toyota. Today, the infrastructure of public fueling stations for such cars is minimal. According to the U.S. Department of energy, there are 29 pieces. 26 of them are in California, and one each in Connecticut, Massachusetts and South Carolina.

If you count private filling stations, their total number will amount to 54 across the country. If we compare this figure of 14 thousands of filling stations of electric cars and 168 thousands of filling stations, it becomes clear how much risk is Toyota.

Despite this, Toyota Mirai is a very interesting project. The car looks exactly the same as a traditional sedan, unlike the Prius, which seems to be designed to stand out in the crowd.


Filling the full tank costing around the same as refueling a conventional car in San Francisco. It's a four-seater, the build quality is comparable to a luxury sedan.

Retail Mirai sold for $57,500. The car went on sale in California last fall. In Toyota reported that by 2017, production will reach 3 thousand cars. By July 2016, the company has already sold 270 vehicles.

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