Potemkin villages of the 21st century

Ekaterinburg - the third capital of Russia from all the third capital of Russia. In June, the city will host a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which will radically change the life of every Urals. For the better, of course. And while city officials frantically prepare to meet the high narrow-eyed guests.

Rosa Luxemburg Street - one of the central and historic streets of the city, where history is embodied not in the best way.

Office Sinara Group. There will be one of the meetings of the SCO. I wonder on what floor. Across the street - a fake house on a camouflage tent closes brick ruins merchant's house of the 19th century.

Protected by the state. This piece of the Protection of the estate is still a good idea. Svezhevspahanny house lawn rejuvenates years 50.

Complex engineering solution "Sarcophagus". With the help of sheet iron, paint, artistic means and women with advertising kosher underclothes "Yves Delorme" screened next multi-running corruption. There is an assumption that the tinted limo at a speed of 90 km / h skanaet. Speed ​​traffic police will provide limousine that will cleanse the city center from the daily round bydloprobok.

A lot of paint and roof masonry acquire a second life.


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