People who managed to survive the fatal injuries

human body is much more powerful and strong than it seems to us. Incredible overload, terrible accident, a fall from a great height still leave a person a chance to survive - and nemalyy.Kakim be tough no matter the world, we are ready for it to complete. The sense of the fragility of their own - just a firewall built into the body, against too risky ventures. Do not believe me? Today, we'll tell you some stories about people who managed to survive in the strangest and most difficult situatsiyah.Chelovek half golovy

In 2010, the network has bypassed Photo men deprived of half of the head. It rose a wave of discussion of the reality of the picture - which is quite understandable, because he really looks absolutely infernal. Photo was present. Man her name is Carlos Rodriguez, known among friends as "Half." Rodriguez was in a terrible accident, flying through the windshield of the car. And yet, modern neurosurgery and neuroplasty could save cheloveka.Vnutrennee obezglavlivanie

Shannon Malloy was admitted to hospital after a terrible car accident. Virtually slammed the car door on her neck. The department, doctors discovered that the door was ripped literally every ligaments and tendons that connect the brain to the spinal. All the other organs remained intact. As a result, a huge number of transactions girl not only managed to save, but even avoid paralysis. Malloy escaped with speech impairments, and lost the ability to see the left glazom.Zheleznye legkie

Almost 60 years Diane Odell spent being connected to a respirator. The deformation of the spine, happened to her because of polio at age three, do not let Diana portable gadgets. However, Odell managed to live a rich and fulfilling life. Female graduated from university, and even wrote a book, but in 2008 the power of the machine is still gave sboy.Sereznaya brain injury mozga

Finneas Gage - one of the first people in which surgeons ventured to conduct a full neurosurgery. In 1840, demolition work on Gage Vermont mine and timed burning cord. The shell exploded 20 meters from Finneasa hooking blast steel rod. He struck his head nazkvoz accident. Surgeons were able to remove from the brain Finneasa for thirty deformed fragments. Six months later, Gage returned to normal, although suffering from frequent headaches boley.Uskoritel chastits

In 1978, Soviet scientist Anatoly Petrovich Bugorsky accidentally fell under the working particle accelerator - the largest in the USSR. Then Bugorsky describe these sensations as a flash brighter than a thousand suns suddenly kindled in his head. No pain felt scientist. And this despite the fact that the beam of charged protons raced through his mind at the speed of light. The left side of his face paralyzed Bugorskogo, but that was all ogranichilos.Vyzhivshaya hour under vodoy

In the cold winter of 1986, two-year Michelle Funk peacefully play on a frozen stream near the house. The ice cracked. The girl went into the water faster than the time to say "mama" - to know how to say it. After half an hour the baby got. No signs of life. The doctor gave her a direct cardiac massage, which heated the blood and body of work made. Michelle woke up, did not even hurt her brain - ice water worked as a kind of antifriz.Razrezanny napopolam

In 2006, a railroad worker Truman Duncan too long thinking, whether he has calculated its budget today, and will not crack if it still fit in a small bottle of beer after work. The train driver is also very thoughtful, swept along the rails, where sat a dreamer, Truman. Later, doctors had to re-sew Duncan almost half of the body. The man lost an arm and a leg on the right side, but the body, after 23 operations managed spasti.Vozvraschenie sensitivity amputated konechnost

Dane Dennis Sorensen Aabo lost his arm in 2003. In 2014, doctors were able to create a system of electrodes connected to nerve endings shoulder Sorensen. As a result, man has become not only control the prosthesis as a part of his body, but also feel things paltsah.Povernuvsheesya serdtse

In 2014, he had an accident the Italian rider admitted to the hospital with unusual symptoms. His heart began to beat irregularly and more slowly than usual. Surveyed men doctors were surprised to find - the heart of Man turned 90 degrees to the right. This condition is called dextrocardia, a birth defect, the precedent of the accident was the first. Fortunately, the doctors managed to draw the changes.


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