Cheshire Cat Wisdom

In our rational world often do not have enough tales of madness and droplets. And no one would know it better than the Cheshire Cat.

Quotes are collected from the book L. Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" Tim Burton's film of the same name, and the computer game American McGee's Alice.

 - A serious attitude to anything else in this world is a fatal mistake.
 - A life - this is serious?
 - Oh, yes, life - this is serious! But not very ...

I'm not crazy, just my reality differs from yours.

No matter how you looked, you have to look in the right direction.

 - But I do not want to get crazy.
 - Well, there's nothing you can change - we're all crazy: me and you.

The fact is that while you're little, you can see what is invisible to you great.

 - In our world, everything is possible.
 - Correction: in your. In my - all my rules.

When someone's head is in the clouds, someone's heart gets wet.

I love crazies: once they understand the world around us, but to them I can find a common language.

When the road is a riddle, try to walk at random. Nesis downwind.

Fool called those who choose the hard way.

Confidence and recklessness - two sides of the same coin.

Look, learn, act.

Sometimes the image in the mirror is more real than the object itself.

At times in her madness, I see glimpses of the talent.

Stupid does not mean ignorant.

When miracles are nonsense, mind turns to madness.
 - How do you understand?
 - Understand me necessarily. Be sure to love and feed time.

It does not matter why a significant became insignificant. So, that's all.

Guess riddle: when croquet mallet like a stun gun? The answer is obvious: when you want.
 - What's that sound over there? - Alice asked.
 - Oh, it's wonders - the Cheshire Cat said indifferently.
 - And what do they do there? - I asked the girl.
 - As expected, - Cat yawned. - Cases.

Threats, promises and good intentions - none of this is the action.

You have two choices: one will lead you to happiness, the other - to madness. My advice - do not stumble.

 - Tell me, please, which way I go from here?
 - Where do you want to go? - Said the Cat.
 - I do not care ... - said Alice.
 - Then, no matter where to go and, - said the Cat.
 - Just to get somewhere - explained Alice.
 - Anywhere you are sure to do, - said the Cat. - It should be just long enough to go.
Some do not see a way out, even if they find. Others simply do not seek.

Talk about the bloodshed at the table spoil my appetite.

Collect everything you find useful. In addition to the indifference and ignorance. And then you can be, will survive.

Who says there's nothing better to calm the nerves than a cup of tea, I do not actually tried this tea. It's like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart.

If Cheshire Cat smiles, then it is someone who needs it.

 - Where can I find someone normal?
 - Nowhere - said the Cat - normal does not happen. After all so different and dissimilar. And this, in my opinion, okay.


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