In the Philippines arrested Bulgarian carder, who shot the money from the card Bill Gates

A few days ago, the authorities of the Philippines задержали Bulgarian carder Kavrakova Constantine (Konstantin Kavrakov), which is now accused of committing a series of cyber crime. Part of the charges - withdrawals from ATMs using counterfeit credit cards. When withdrawing money with a card left with a real money card-take. Among the victims of the Constantine - Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Kavrakova detained while attempting another pickup means with a fake credit card from an ATM bank PS. During the arrest carder found several other credit cards (Citi Visa, Standard Chartered MasterCard, Citibank MasterCard, Citi MasterCard, Citibank Visa, East-west Bank Vice), plus a blank credit card, several checks to conduct transactions and 76,000 Philippine pesos (about 1,700 US dollars).

According to law enforcement, Kavrakov is a member of the Bulgarian group of cybercriminals. This group of Bulgarians joined in 2004. Members of the group engaged in cybercrime in Europe, the US and other countries, some activities - karderstvo. It is worth noting that Kavrykova arrested in 2011 in Paraguay, but then released (the reasons now being investigated). Flex crimes is long enough - here banking and trade fraud, forgery, bank cards, hacking accounts of banks' clients. During the arrest in Paraguay have been found Kavrakova 90 thousand US dollars.

Now the attacker waits until the government of the Philippines will move his case.



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