Why cats are so fond of boxes

Many cat owners have noticed that their pets love to get into the box.

Even when there is an alternative i>

Even the ones that are not on the size of i>

Even very small i>

And sometimes adapt them for the greater convenience, i>

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to explain this craving for cardboard - that cat predators in nature and, therefore, like to sit in ambush. But it soon becomes clear that this is at least more than one reason for this behavior. Researchers, veterinarians and behavioral biologists have long been interested in the matter and that's what they found.

Closed spaces give protection h4> veterinarian Claudia Wienke from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands , working in cat shelter, found that if the new cats like boxes provide temporary shelter for the period of development, they succeed better in the shelter and then more willing to communicate with people. This corresponds with the logical reactions to stress cats when they tend to retreat and hide. How commented Wienke : «retreat to the shelter - a behavioral strategy of the type that is needed to get used to a change in the environment and countering stress. " Cats in the wild hide in the hollows, caves and trees - and prefer homemade box.

Place to evade social problems h4> In the book & quot; Домашние cat: biology behavior & quot ;, in the writing of which was attended by experts from the Swiss Institute for Applied Ethology and animal psychology, it is written: "Cats do not develop strategies to resolve conflicts, as do the herd / pack animals, in connection with which they prefer to avoid encounters with the enemy. " Therefore, we can say they are trying to solve problems instead of running away and hiding from them. However, cats, even in a good mood tend to boxes.

The need to keep warm h4> It is known that cats feel comfortable not only in boxes, but also in other places with limited space.

Perhaps this is due simply to the fact that since it is easier to keep warm. According to a study by the National Research Council in 2006 cats be comfortable at temperatures between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius. This is not surprising, since it is believed that the cat came to us from the desert - so they, in particular, are able to do a small amount of liquid. Therefore, they are very fond of the battery, the sun - and small-volume space. Cardboard, inter alia, has insulating properties, which allows to keep the temperature.

musical ear h4> As a result of my personal observations, I might add that one of my cats loves everything rustles - a cardboard box just publish wonderful rustling sound if inside them "dig." Besides, I think that inside the box is large enough that the sound should be amplified echo from the walls.

Total - cats love to hide in boxes because it is the perfect place for an ambush (including maypole), a secure space where heat and cool it more rustling. It is a pity that cats can not talk.

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