Live pencil Alla Dzyurich

We get to know people very different stories. Someone finds you, and someone find you. There are also cases where, for some strange coincidences and random routes intersect people, even if briefly.

Alla appeared on our horizon suddenly. Hopefully, it will not be lost there :) order not to spoil the overall impression, we offer you the direct speech of the artist.

Alla Dzyurich, self-taught.

From a family physician and aviator. Both parents have drawn good (for the level of wall newspapers). About as estimated and my abilities. Until one day my mother and I were not in the studio of the artist, who was finishing a portrait of mother and invited me to pass the expectation of the easel. It is with the filing of the artist were bought me my first oil paints and canvas.

From that moment I began to be taken seriously and to cultivate my passion. But when it's time to be determined with the university, the family council it was decided not to bet on my skills in drawing and documents I took the Law. While studying in absentia to a lawyer, worked in the magazine illustrator. Acquired in second-hand stores books and reproductions. Many rubbings.

At some point, I just stopped. Threw everything ceased to draw even for themselves. Periods, returns to his hobby, but to draw "on the table." Has not yet decided to place a few works in instagrame. There's drawings received good reviews and I began to push forward.

Now I refuse an offer to work on the order, or for some projects. There is a strong desire to develop their abilities to the maximum. I do not know what I would do with these skills in the future. Certainly find a use for them. There is an understanding that the long road ahead, work on the bugs, the search itself. After a long period of inactivity (creative stupor) I got excited. I want to draw. Draw better. More powerful. Right, really want!

P.S. And we can not believe it, right?


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