Operating principles of the management company housing and communal services

To keep the apartment building in good condition, it requires a lot of work. Often the owners of multi-storey buildings in the area are concerned only about the welfare of his apartment. However, because of their own secured a much larger area. It porches, communication, backyard playground. Said property requires constant care.
Service carried out a variety of services. It is difficult to imagine their quality cooperation with all homeowners. Mediator between the two sides is Management Company Utilities . It ensures proper control over the quality of services provided, on the one hand, and the control over timeliness of payment - on the other.
The company's mission - to provide favorable living conditions for all members of the multi-storey house. Its efforts are aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning of communication systems. In the service market it operates three main groups of operating companies.
The first group consists of the old organizations of the sample, the so-called disinformation. The second group includes organizations carrying out their activities on a professional basis. It is the formation of a new model, and the result of running on its reputation. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with companies and the third group. This organization of one-day, who are trying to earn money illegally.
Cooperation tenants and companies should be formally documented. Drawn up a contract to manage the apartment building, which spells out all the services that have to get tenants. If customers are not satisfied with the level of service possible change of the management company at any time. When you break the contract, it is important to indicate the condition of the building passes to another organization, and what aspects were not taken into account by the former mediator.
To choose the right company, you need to pay attention to the following features: a period of work organization, the availability of a registration number in the registry of the Moscow government. Not superfluous will know the opinion of residents of the building, which is on the balance of the organization. In the end, you can personally meet with the administrators of the company and form an opinion about them.
In addition service homes, you can order service commercial real estate services .Obempredostavlyaemyh in this case depends on the type of commercial building. The level of operation of the management company affects not only the comfort of employees object, but also its profitability. A reliable mediator in force to provide proper care for a wide range of non-residential real estate: offices, retail outlets, warehouses, hotels and industrial facilities.


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