"Angry Cat" has earned millions of dollars (up to $ 100 million)

Cats do not always an extra cost item in the household. In rare cases, they are able to replenish the household budget and earn even more than their hosts.

Most of all in the cat world earned Angry Cat (Grumpy Cat) from Arizona, which has a rare genetic defect distorted face that people find very funny.

On оценке tabloid The Daily Express, revenue cat named Tardar Sauce have reached $ 100 million, its earnings exceeded the income of many Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz.

However, 28-year-old housewife cat rushed to refute this statement and called evaluation The Daily Express совершенно inaccurate . However, she did not name a specific amount of financial income of the animal.

Cats manager Ben Leshes (Ben Lashes) also не commented .

At the moment, the most successful in the world of little animals derives profits from several sources. There still should accumulate at least a few million.

  1. Channel on YouTube (one of more than 16 videos, 8 million views).
  2. Filming in advertising cat food Friskies.
  3. Proceeds from the sale of two books (the first of which became a bestseller in the NY Times and has been translated into 15 languages).
  4. Royalties from the television movie " worst Christmas Angry cat ».
  5. For Sale aways. It all started in 2012 with a simple amateur video that it quickly became a meme.

    Source: geektimes.ru/post/242677/


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