In the US, the industry of solar panels employing more workers than in coal mines

Solar cells, solar panels are nothing new. Companies engaged in the development and installation of solar panels, it becomes more and more. Included in the build large solar farms, creating new types of solar cells, which are much more efficient than the old ones.

In the industry of solar panels now works a lot more people than a couple of years ago. A few days ago, the network has information that the "solar" industry, employing more people than the coal mines (we are talking only about the statistics for the United States).

So edition Politfact compared multiple sources of information, checking the data. And it turned out that all converges. However, to be specific, that the calculations are made without regard to people who are engaged in transportation and logistics, production of coal mines, considered only "real" workers of the coal industry.

Another clarification - the data given at the time of the end of 2013. Then, according to the nonprofit organization Solar Foundation, the industry's production of solar panels was employed 142,698 people. This organization has been informed by a survey of companies engaged in the production of panels (was made 74,000 phone calls and sent 11,000 e-mail messages).

With regard to the coal industry, the data were taken from Report profile body - US Mine Safety and Health Administration. In the report by saying that the number of jobs in the coal industry is 123227.

Actually, we should not count and recount all of this data - statistics show only to give an idea of ​​the amount of "solar" industry, which is becoming more extensive, occupying new niches and exciting new features and technologies.



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