Cyborg cockroach to the rescue

Engineers from the University of North Carolina developed technology to create cyborg cockroaches, ie insects electronic implants.

In the body of the animal is introduced small microphone that dramatically improves hearing. In this electric circuit is made so that the cockroach is not only great to hear every rustle, but is forced to seek the source of the sound.

It is expected that this technology can be used to search for victims of the disaster - the people who were left under the rubble after the earthquake and terrorist attacks.

"At the sound of the building collapse - is the best way to find survivors," - says Dr. Alper Bozkurt, a professor of electrical and computer engineering university, as well as a leading researcher and author of two scientific papers, which are now preparing to go into print.

In the "backpack" and boiorobota - electronic equipment that controls its movement. The research team of Professor Bozkurt developed two versions of "backpacks". The first type picks up sound from all directions and transmits a signal rescue teams. The second type is equipped with a grating directional microphones that accurately determine the direction of the sound source, and then cyborg sent in this direction.

The system fared well in laboratory tests.

Scientific work "Acoustic sensors for search and rescue biobotami» («Acoustic Sensors for Biobotic Search and Rescue») is presented at the conference on November 5th IEEE Sensors 2014.



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