Moscow Children's Railway.

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Yes, these photos are long waiting in the wings. There was even a thought to leave this post for the next year, as the Moscow Children's Railway is only 3 months of the year from the end of May to the last Sunday of August. Anyway, take a look at the August warm sunny days are cold in November.

A trip for the children of employees Railways was organized by Rex region Express. What is it, you can see - Train in original livery delivered the children and their parents to the station. Kratovo.

A stroll along the lakeside to the station. Pioneer Children's Railway all took their places in the children's train. Kids it only in name, and in fact everything in the present. Is the driver, assistant driver, head and train conductors.

Hares are most likely not happen, but the control still does not sleep. Everything on the big rail.

During the train, we heard a story about the history of children's railway, its features, and about who can do here. And while we were driving at level crossings stayed most real machines, because the train though and kids, but he is also very real.


Youth at the station we were shown the work of the switch mechanism,

turn train

and the work of the assistant station.

Let's go back.




and visit the depot where locomotives are servicing.

I was a child and dreamed of visiting this locomotive cab :(.


By the way, the engine in it is worth exactly the same as the legendary T-34.


Item management throughout the Moscow children's railway.

Model railway in the leisure center "Ark".

And after dinner were master classes

and playing outdoors on the beautiful kratovskogo pond.


Well, the evening train Rex region express all delivered to Moscow.

That was such a fun and busy day.



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