10 principles of Zen that can change LIFE

1. If you love a person, you're not going to interfere with his personal life. You would not dare to violate the boundaries of his inner world.

2. Stop thinking about how to get love, and begins to give. Giving you get. No other way.

3. Begin to live. Do not begin to prepare for life, which will in the future.

4. All the suffering in the world is because you completely forgot that you need to live, you become engaged in an activity that has no relation to life.

5. If you want to live, you learn one, accept things as they are, and accept yourself for who you are.

6. If you are rich, do not think about it, if you are poor - do not take seriously their poverty.

7. Make as many mistakes, just remember one thing: do not make the same mistake twice. And you will grow.

8. You should know that freedom - is the highest value, and if love does not give you freedom - it is not love.

9. Each teaches someone else how he should be, and no one ever seems satisfied.

10. Are you a big fan of creating problems ... just understand this and suddenly problems disappear.


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