"What do you think, where did people do? You descendant of a planet? ".

Surprisingly, last summer I struck up a conversation with an unknown person. Paradoxically, he sat down beside me on the bench (I was waiting for a friend and clicked Semyon) and asked, "What do you think, where did people do? You descendant of a planet? ". Honestly, it was! In general, struck up a conversation. Squander the most interesting ... And it is up to him, in my opinion a very amusing theory of the origin of people. He calls himself "Keepers" can of course the man was not "in itself", but it looked like a very confident, adequate, tidy and educated character. Thus, the theory:

Tens of millions of years ago, from another solar system constellation Sirius in our solar system came aliens. And as a ship, for interstellar travel, they used their home planet Nibiru, Felton. She won the vacant orbit between Mars and Jupiter. In our solar system on your planet aliens were in suits, protected from the cold and germs. In the spacesuits they appeared on Earth.

I said that it is the history of fantasy, but he refuted this idea. Having said that evidence to support the hypothesis of cosmic origin of life on Earth, are numerous. He further told the examples. For example, some tribes living in Africa, still retain the belief that their ancestors lived in the constellation Sirius and in the ark arrived at Zemlyu.Oni live savage tribes, but in astronomy sharyat better than the current uchenye.ETO FACT, I home all checked)

The mysterious Aztec calendar stone shows four of the sun. In one of the most revered in China myths claimed that the sun was rising in the east twice ... All of these artifacts can be explained by taking into account the trajectory of the Earth in the "big" space. Well, in general, inexplicable on the subject completely, take the same "Mayan" to their calendar and petroglyphs spacecraft.

"GuardianĀ»: DD said that most Europeans are descended from the planet Felton (highest flown race), which was somewhere between Earth and Mars. Negros - with the planet Venus, so they have dark skin. Redskins people, well, as you may have guessed from Mars), and lived in the land of the Chinese. On our planet, then there was a paradise, there flew to rest. All races living in harmony and peace. He said that these four planets (Mars, Venus, Earth and Felton) - and is a symbol of the crucifixion symbols, the cross! Just people degraded and eventually forgotten the true meaning, enveloping him with their inventions.
Felton inhabitants lived thousands of years, but during the mixing with the inhabitants of the earth, Mars and Venus, they ebbed and longevity exhausted. Later, because of this, war broke out between the planets, to use nuclear weapons, causing the crash occurred. Felton exploded because of that Mars was not the atmosphere, it was only possible to live on Earth.

He further went on to tell that Atlantis and its inhabitants Atlanta - the descendants of the planet Felton, had moved to the ground. Degraded after the war, people worshiped them as gods, because they gave them their knowledge. This, he explained the structure of the pyramids and various strange image on the rocks. In general we are degradantov)) That's what he explained the fact that our brain works by 2-4% (can not remember exactly) of 100% possible. And Atlantis, he worked 100% - they were supermen. And you wonder why we have a brain freebies?

He further said that the moon is an artificial satellite, and there used to be four, but after the war there was only one. I quote: "Today, there is still a warehouse of weapons, so the Americans from there quickly pull up after the first prizemleniya.Ty not zadaval yourself why the moon turned to us only one side? .. Because it is spinning, and therefore it is impossible?". And here, dear friends, even Google has not given me an answer to this question. It's a fact!

Even more amazing timing of civilization contained in the wall inscriptions on the legendary Egyptian Sphinx, he said, ten-strewn sand layer in the dead near the modern pyramids. The inscriptions contain mathematical information that mathematics could decipher a few years ago.

Mathematical data are divided into five groups containing time from the start point in the day. The most distant event is characterized by the figure of more than seven trillion years, and the initial countdown begins with five trillion years. We can assume that the first, the shortest period refers to the beginning of stay of aliens on Earth, and four - to life on the planet Nibiru - Felton.

But before leaving, he said that feltonyane live among us, but we never see them, they're hiding. I asked him: & quot; You're so smart and know everything, then tell me how do we wait for the end of the world? & Quot ;. He said: "For a minute before in the sky over the Chelyabinsk fireball exploded, no one thought that this could happen. And for some reason, no astronomer could uglyadet "meteorite" in advance. This suggests that people are powerless against the cosmos! From there and wait for the end! "Then his version of me downright upload, but I'm confident that we can prevent falling on us the heavenly bodies. After all, Russia today announced the launch of new satellites Early-warning radar from the enemy, who, in the near future, can also prevent the attack of a meteorite or comet. The first satellite-backs from the future orbital constellation of space-tier system of missile warning will be launched in 2015.

That's all. Another strange companion told me to read some fantastic book on the subject, but, naturally, I forgot the name. I advised him to look less REN-TV.) In general, his "fairy tale" I found it very interesting and some of the questions I have not found any real answers. What do you think, where did people do? And how do we wait until the end of the world?

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