20 huge dogs that are still puppies in the shower

It seems that big dogs are not even aware of how they are huge. So often try to squeeze into small spaces, fit in a host on your lap or, better yet, in her arms. And if they prisyadut on the sofa, then take the whole thing.

20 photos.

It is time obnimashek!

The wind is so that the jaw blows - I'd better sit down.

I told you that thin?

Service at 5 in the morning to deliver.

What are you all staring at ?! I also want to sunbathe ...

Soooo, someone seems to have took my place.

In my heart I'm still a puppy.

Rum and Coke for me and my companion.

He climbed onto the couch. Now it's my sofa

Oh my God, today finale of the fourth season of "Game of Thrones"!

Girls, I come to you.

I want to ruchkiiiii!

Shall we dance?

No, not to the vet!

The view from here drop dead, I tell you.

Hooray, I was allowed to sweep all the floors in the house!

Permission to bury me entirely. But not for long!

Uiiii! Swing!

Mom, I hurt the other dogs ...

All at a great and good dog!



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