Vampire cat Lazarus became the new star of the Internet

Lazarus, whose palate had left him without the upper lip of the nose, was found in the age of about 10 weeks at the end of last year on the streets of Tennessee.

After saving happy he was accepted into the care of special educators from the University of Tennessee Eastern Cindy Chambers.

Cindy takes care of Lazarus, despite the state of his health, which at first was unstable. Due to the fact that his mouth was constantly open, constantly infected sinuses, but antibiotics and surgery to remove an abscess solved the problem.

Lazarus has its own page on Facebook, where Cindy regularly uploads new photos of cat and said that now it is the same restless, like any other kitten.

Protruding teeth give the impression that Lazarus ferocious cat, but hearing his subtle meow this feeling disappears immediately.



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