The brightest stars change hairstyles for 2014

2014 continues, but the preliminary results we can sum. Advance to cover everything on a global scale are not going to take it too seriously (and who knows what will happen tomorrow?), And therefore pay attention to the fact that, in general, has no great value, but nevertheless very interesting from a female point of view . I'm talking about the hairstyles of stars, the brightest of which changes over the past 9 months in this post.

Scarlett Johansson has made a practical (but, of course, more and fashionable) haircut in anticipation of the birth of her daughter Rose, was born on September 4:

After parting with Kara Delevin Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez decided to reset the counter of life, changing not only cut, but also about many things:

"The new image. New life. New atmosphere "- wrote the star of" Fast and the Furious "in his instagrame.

But Kesha though often "reset", but still somehow out of place. In July, she decided to find out what it means to be Malvina ...

Anne Hathaway appeared on the set of the comedy "The Intern" with hair just below her shoulders.

Kristen Stewart showed a new short haircut at Fashion Week in Paris, arrived at the show Chanel.

May 29, just before the start of summer, Hilary Duff made a fashionable bob, which is perfect has come to her.


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