Technology hidden pools

Surely everyone wants to have in their backyard or inside a real pool. However, not everyone can afford it because of the banal lack of free space. Modern designers have come up with the technology hidden pools that can be converted into a cozy patio or marble poly.1. Pool, turning into marble pol

Developers Hydrofloors company offered a unique system of hidden pools, which allows you to transform the pool into a concrete or marble floor and vice versa. As soon as the coating begins to lift up all the water flowing down into the holes around the perimeter basseyna.

2. Hidden pool can be transformed into patio

The mechanism and design of the basin developed by Hidden Water Pools. He turns on the patio (small courtyard) with just one click of a button. This option is the best fit for homes with small children. You can not worry about leaving them alone to play on the lawn. In addition, if the kids want to swim, you can adjust the depth basseyna.3. Hidden pool, built in the middle of pustyni

This pool has the same principle of transformation that the previous ones. But the beauty is that it is in the middle of this desert in Southern California (USA). He is completely free, but find it yourself to be quite problematic.



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