Honda unveiled a prototype unmanned vehicle based Acura RLX

At last in Detroit from 7 to 11 September, the World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS World Congress), the company Honda продемонстрировала its prototype roboavtomobilya. Unmanned vehicle based Acura RLX left alone on the highway with the side of the road, drove a few miles and overcame several busiest interchanges. According to engineers Honda, the company is ready to launch an unmanned vehicle is already in the year 2020.

Except actually Autonomous car company demonstrated several technologies that facilitate the control of the machine and make it safer. This wireless communication system between the cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles and pedestrians - with a smartphone. Even if a pedestrian is not visible, thanks to the wireless machine already knows about his presence, and preparing in advance to prevent a possible collision. Another application of the wireless communication between machines - a "virtual tug." If the driver suddenly feel bad, for example due to a heart attack, he may file an SOS signal to other machines equipped with wireless communications. Another driver who wants to help can actually take control of the car on the first self - driven car will follow the lead, just repeating all his maneuvers.

It seems that it will be a turning point in 2020 in the history roboavtomobiley. Last year, Nissan announced plans to release the UAV in 2020. Tesla recently as well подтвердила, it will release an unmanned version of its electric vehicles "in 5-6 years." Corporation Volvo, Toyota, General Motors as actively involved in the "race of drones».



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