Memorable photos

The tree, decorated with garlands of 40,000 LED bulbs

Brave guy in the background of polar bears remains of a dead whale diners

Funnel in the aluminum plate in which was shot in a penny coin with orbital velocity 7000 meters per second

Volcanic eruption seen from space

Funny bus stop with a swing in Canada

Adult lion from educational considerations pretends to bite cub hurting him

Pool among the flood

The effect of 16 years of smoking as an example of identical twins

An oasis in the Gobi Desert

Rapid inflation in Zimbabwe. Banknote of one hundred trillion dollars

"Concrete Shoes" human jumping the road mafia

Sun shining through a certain wavelength of light

Custom synthesizer music for the French duo Daft Punk

The stone laying machine paving slabs Tiger Stone

The very first photo taken 14 hours after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Photographer Igor Kostin took pictures of the disaster zone by helicopter, which measures the level of radiation. Image few clouded because of high radiation levels

Trendy key fob from a hybrid supercar BMW i8, which is integrated in the liquid crystal display that displays a lot of useful information about the condition of the car

Flower Fields Canola, China

Happy children welcome leader

Japanese aquarium you can shake a paw otter

Finally we saw the Mona Lisa near ...

Catholic Cathedral, lit by thousands of LED bulbs 55 in Belgium

Company Western Sky Financial LLC provides loans to 10 thousand dollars under 89, 68% per annum. That is, taking out a loan in this company, you will have to pay about 52 $ 495 for 7 years!

Tray for food on board the spacecraft. Magnets, clips and velcro help to keep food and cutlery in weightlessness

Firefighter Helmet (prototype)

The Cabinet of computed tomography in the Presbyterian Hospital in New York


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