Big cities without light

This unrealistic selection of photos shows how to look metropolis without electricity. New York without light. Most likely, you will never be able to see the city without electricity, so it's a picture to help imagine how it could look like with a completely lack of electricity. Photo: Thierry Cohen

Another photo of New York City without light.

Los Angeles under cover of night, and the stars of the Milky Way.

Paris without light.

Empty Parisian area under the cover of a starry sky.

Rio de Janeiro without light. The images show the famous Copacabana Beach.

Urban landscape of San Francisco without light.

Through this picture Sao Paulo without light, we can see that the starry sky in the southern hemisphere looks different.

Hong Kong aerial view without electricity looks that way.

Shanghai without light. The Milky Way shines brightly over the urban landscape of Shanghai, China.

Another view of Shanghai without light.

Tokyo without light. Stars Over Tokyo extraordinarily beautiful, but unfortunately, its residents can see them only in this photo, when electricity is not artificial.



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