Riots in Greece

All weekend in Athens continued student unrest. Performances of youth, which resulted in fires and riots,
were devoted to the anniversary of the death of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulosa, who was killed by police in the evening on December 6th 2008.
Demonstrators broke windows, overturned garbage cans, threw stones and incendiary
mixtures of representatives of law enforcement. Protesters wearing masks broke into the University of Athens and
lowered the Greek flag over it, replacing it with a black and red anarchist banner.

Anarchist against the backdrop of burning garbage in the street riots in Athens.

Demonstrators clash with riot police during riots in Athens, Greece, to Sunday, December 6th.

Greek youth beat the glass, overturned garbage cans and set fire to disperse thousands of protesters musor.Dlya police fired tear gas.

Police and protesters during clashes in the street in the center of the Greek capital. The demonstrators smashed windows of more than 20 stores in several central streets of Athens.

Clothing on one of the policemen caught fire after protesters pelted police with firebombs at during riots in Athens. Clashes have also occurred in the second largest Greek city of Thessaloniki.

A protester stands on his knees in front of riot policemen in Athens.

Member of student unrest beaten by the police.

Police dragged one of the detained protesters in central Athens.

One of the detainees. In recent days were detained about 300 people, tens charged with assault on police.


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