Protest against a new tax on Internet byutovskogo

On Tuesday morning, deputies of Ukraine, sent to work in the Verkhovna Rada,
met a protest against the adoption of the Law, which establishes the so-called tax on the Internet.
In particular, we are talking about the draft law "On the national assembly on the development of
theatrical art and cinematography in Ukraine ", which is filed in the national parliament
deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Terekhin (BYuT).
Predsmatrivaet bill introducing a new collection - national taxes,
which is planned to charge from January 1, 2010 and directed to the development of theatrical
Art and Cinematography. Thus, the object of such taxation becomes the cost of services,
which provides a global network of receiving and transmitting data (Internet) for providing traffic,
actually used for subscriber unit of measurement of volume of data sent or received,
multiple 1 byte for any other additional fees for using the Internet subscriber,
including the use of mobile communication.


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