Flying SCRAP

The real story here is what tells the victim.
Well denёk today turned out to be ... I mean I went in the morning to Pavlovsk for, but halfway through I
expected to be approximately 10-kilogram disappointment ...
I mean food on the embankment, not bothering anyone, and here in my field of vision gets a certain subject,
flying from above For a moment I thought it was some stick, but there are no trees on the Fontanka,
moving smoothly in space this piece element of the periodic table drops me right under the bumper and on
I feel a powerful blow to the wheels ... slipped under the wheels, you might be thinking ... I thought so too,
but just in case parked with avariichkoy, you never know where or broken lights bumper ... Imagine my surprise,
when I saw sticking SCRAP near the left fog ... this device struck radiator, went over the box,
pushed the brake pipe, entered under the steering tip, breaking locker and body beneath him and stopped only
entangled in the wires from the fuse box in the area of ​​my left leg ...
Such a fun day, citizens, beware of flying now SCRAP - is not a myth, but the harsh truth of life !!!


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