13-year-old girl had inherited an old age ...

When Briton Zara Hartshorn getting on the bus and asked to sell children's ticket, her voice trembling.
The driver looks her up and down and starts to laugh, and giggle passengers sitting in their seats.
Zara feels her cheeks blush and her eyes fill with tears. "If you're a kid, that I'm 21,
- Mocks her driver. - To deceive someone else, honey ».

Disease called lipodystrophy, affects the subcutaneous fat and is accompanied by a rapid growth of the outer layers of the skin. Effective treatment methods do not exist, so Dawn and Tracy can only accept the fact that they look for a few decades older than his years.

Tracy realized that the youngest daughter inherited a terrible disease, when Dawn was just a few months. "I see the same symptoms in my two other children - hanging skin, gaunt face and wrinkles around the chin - the woman says. - But when she saw the baby's face is wrinkled and aging in front of me, it shattered me ».

Soon after the diagnosis, which already knew Tracy, doctors confirmed. Zara's appearance began to change with depressing speed. The youngest in the family, in its 13 years, she looks much older than her five brothers and sisters, even though the two of them, 21-year-old Jolene and 16-year-old Tommy, too, suffer from lipodystrophy. The disease struck the Dawn stronger than all.


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