A gift for his beloved wife

As everything was - wanted to make a gift for my wife, and this is what came up - as it zodiya twins found two dragons in the network, took a piece of coconut and all

Suffered a model on the polished surface with a needle - UTB as tattoos, just a little slower.

Then began rezbovat all UTB.


Svredlom drilled 2mm Dirk suspension.

Hand drill, slow and very careful.

Nablizhaem final - all otgravirano, Dirk there, pushing something for the finish.

UTB not boiling. UTB mixture of wax, linseed oil and some more sostavki, to coconut soaked.

All. Only polishing remained.

Finally kulonchik ready - 3cm diameter, if it is not visible. Thanks to everyone for the patience :)


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