In the name of peace in the family!

As you know, Skype is able to work simultaneously on multiple devices. Nor is the history of correspondence at the same time is displayed on all of these devices if they are connected to the Internet.

And how many of those our boys Pogorelov on when my dear husband took in their rukih tablet - to play the evil birds, and there fell out Skype correspondence with Lena (Larisochka, Gyulchataj, Sarochka and so on), which is dear husband at that time led to the smartphone.

So, for the sake of peace in the family, remember two simple commands that just need to enter in any chat window (command will not see the source):

/ Showplaces - view all the devices that are now included your Skype.

/ Remotelogout - out of Skype on all devices except this.

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