As I traveled to China

Actually brought me to work to China and decided to share experiences and photos of.

According to the pictures below. Two pairs of chopsticks - one to take food from a shared table, the second - to eat from his plate. In fact, it has seen only one restaurant))

This I did not understand that, but not obychnenko))

In one of the restaurants (it took us colleagues) could choose svezhatinu. Here fish, for example)

Or snakes

Or maybe on omarchiku?

All restaurants round table with a rotating circle. Here, in addition to a new food, it was possible to try interesting juices: watermelon, cucumber and corn (reminds muck out of a can - delicious!)

This is how to eat properly Peking duck: cut pieces (which cuts at you cook) put in a cake moistened with sweet sauce, a little onion ...

... And wrapped in a pancake. Vkusnoten !!!

Coconut soup. Soups from them, by the way, for the dinner can be fed 3-4 times. At the end, usually sweet type of soup.

By eating will come back. Parking with such rear bumpers almost everywhere. Very convenient!

Center of Shanghai. Not only skyscrapers.

One of the most popular modes of transport. Moreover, these electric moto! the government is trying by all means to reduce the number and / m on the road. For Motyka - separate lanes for buses - separate bands. When buying a car, you have more to spend on state number, which costs about 20,000 Baku! People buy used / have room for cars)

In China, a beautiful little girls. Therefore, this lady even took a picture)

More than once! ))

Visited the Shanghai TV tower. High and cool!

Around the tower. Skyscraper with a hole called the opener.

Already a top view. Round shnyaga - crosswalk with escalators!

Yangtze River. Ferry barge.

Climbed higher

Glass floor - feeling vaschpe!

Another glass!

Continuation of the first pictures. In fact, I sat down sfotatsya, and here this Mlle. So I told the photographer that I have one, you can not take a picture)

Another moto. Against the background of the old city.

Pioneers hello!

In the toy store.

Still-poor areas of Shanghai

Beautiful night

This Picchu was to be the first, but it did not work))

Photo riddle number of times. Guess that bag?

At the station - for charging phones.

Train platypus. Traveling at a speed of 300 km / h

More about food. We went to a place where food varish himself. On the pictures you next be seen in anything. This is normal meat - beef, pork.

Edovarka middle of the table! 2 broth - one normal, the other sharp.

About unusual for us to eat. Pieces of the stomach of the cow.

P.S. all the food that show - ate.

Nice little crab

Duck intestine

Baked duck blood. Like jelly.

Foot duck! The same foot-fin)

Beautiful shell with oyster.

It's seen on TV. On a photo the microphone 3-4))

Loved it. Prices in the restaurant. For children, the price is lower. We usually limit the children - age, and then growth)

This is in Nanjing. Then in August, will be held Youth Olympic Games. It's their mascot!

Then, too, all of Nanjing. By the way, the former capital of China. The population of 27 million. Imperial Park, artificial lakes for him though.

Almost always there is the open sun. In the sky haze. Humid and stuffy that kapets.

One of the entertainment in the park.

That they continue to do - I do not know. Walked without a guide)

Lotuses. The Chinese love them.

Chinese Power catamarans.

And we ride. Nearby boats together waving foreigners)

Another nice

Local fast food. It did not try!

Pedestrian street



Guys, this is the tusk of an elephant!

Tusk closer

Old city of Nanjing

Fotozagadka number two. Who can guess?

We went into the dumplings. Choose sho he likes!

Pelmenyaki themselves.

The temperature outside is 35!

All taxis such a system. By the way, the Chinese taxis are incredibly cheap. Traveled as a one night for 10-15 minutes. Paid our money 90 rubles!

I was on the Wall of China! Though not in the great)) Many cities have such a wall. And two - internal and external.

Another wall

At each! brick manufacturer data. That if anything happened to anyone to take.

All stairs, broom, forests and so on. Bamboo

This riding in the order of things

All in the restaurant. Restaurants have opened at 18:00, closing at 21:00.

This restaurant was Ocheredin. We were allowed out of the lineup since Our colleague said to him, foreigners from Russia)

Sang and danced the whole room these uncle and aunt.

Duck head? Please!

And at the end of the night a couple of pictures of Nanjing.

I hope it was interesting.


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