Revelation kote

1. I wrote on the hamster.

2. I gnawed by charging two computers that belong to the White House.

3. I do not even live here!

4. I'm hiding under the bed, and when people pass by, I jump on them, bite the ankles and run again under the bed.

5. Today I pulled the curtains mommy and daddy. And yesterday I nakakat on their bed.

6. Every night I write and cocoa Mamochkin under the table.

7. I Colby and I vkusnyashek dependency. I learned how to open the kitchen cabinets, and now I crawled under the cabinet with snacks, pushing, opening from the inside and climb inside!

8. I lick my mother's pillow, and she smells like garbage my breath.

9. I was beaten dog. Now, every time she sees me, she was crying and calling for help. All dogs in the area are afraid of me.

10. I think I have a dog.

11. I made my way into the house of their neighbors and eat cat food.

12. I nakakat bathroom.

13. I'm so excited to ride on my mother's bed, I'm falling from it at least once a day.

14. I am angry. I broke my daddy, and then wrote in his shoes.

15. I like to lie in the compost on the street, and then lie down in a human bed.

16. Hi, my name Katitza. I wiped my fitball man with his sharp claws. No, I'm not sorry for what he did, it was her fault. She lost her balance while sitting on the ball and I was stroking his lap and falling scared me. I hated that ball anyway.

17. I love imposed on owners and get them to stroke me, like it or not.

18. -I nableval on the couch ...
- ... And I ate vomit again.

19. My name is Reebok, and I shit! I destroyed an incredible amount of headphones. Last time Mom thought she was smart, and put them in his bag. I caught them, and bitten, and now they are not working. Now, during a conference call it will have to keep the phone while it will not buy new headphones. HAHAHA, nom nom nom !!! I'm not ashamed !!!

20. I hate all the glass mug on the table. Therefore, I have come across them on the floor. This crushing sound so beautiful!



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