Winning team in Germany has provided analysis of large data

When, in 2006, Germany passed the FIFA World Cup, goalkeeper Jens Lehmann had to learn before the quarterfinals dented, written by hand, paper memos, to understand how best to counter the Argentine penaltist. Eight years later, the team of Germany and Argentina met again but the Championship. But this time, the Germans used a new tool to study the future of the enemy and advance to prepare combat tactics.

Together with the famous design company SAP, the German Football Association (DBF) has developed a special application Match Insights, designed for the analysis of large data: information about the behavior of each player of the German team and their opponents. This entire amount of data collected from eight surveillance cameras installed in the stadium. The application is capable of on the basis of the information received to construct a visual simulation of a particular game and all kinds of graphics. Coaches and players can at any time view the detailed data on smartphones and tablets, and to analyze the various situations that arise in the field. This helps advance explore habits and behaviors of each player on the other team and to develop certain responses.

The playing field is marked out a virtual grid, and each player gets a unique identifier that allows you to track the movements of each participant. Recorded a variety of options players: the number of touches, the average time of possession, distance, running speed and change of direction, and much more.

One important consideration in the preparation of the German team for the Championship has been to increase the transmission rate of the ball. Thanks Match Insights, the average time of possession has been reduced to 3, 4 seconds in 2010 to 1, 1 second in 2014. "Imagine: 10 minutes 10 players with three balls are able to generate more than 7 million microevents for further analysis," says Oliver Birkhoff, manager of the German national team.

In addition to analyzing the effectiveness of each player, Match Insights can help identify strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. To do this, the software creates a digital file.

Despite the fact that the application still runs refinement, the German national team advances quite allow talk about the effectiveness of a new analytical tool. SAP plans to distribute Match Insights and other football clubs. Moreover, the developer is going to be included in future versions of the application analysis of psychological and medical records, information and training of various competitions, which will raise the efficiency of the application to the next level.

Looks like football expects a kind of "arms race".



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