Habits of which should get rid of

Seizing stress

All we ever sinned this. Instead of sensibly assess the problem and try to solve it, we pounce on the food, and then we do not understand what happened to the two-day supply of the refrigerator. This eating food has nothing to do with satisfying hunger. This is just an attempt to get away from the problem, but we must understand that it is unlikely to succeed.

Naladte a healthy relationship with food. Calculate the required calorie, learn about health and harmful food, make the schedule of meals. But do not tie your stress and food in one. Nothing good is not finished.

Nail biting

Should stop doing so not only because it is unhygienic but also because it pushes people. This also leads to certain diseases. Such as problems with the bite and stomach. People suffering from this habit, have deformed nails, and it looks not very attractive.

Understand what is the impetus for this habit and replace it with another, neutral, or better - a healthy habit. For example, if you're biting your nails in times of stress, replace the habit of walking or listening to music.

Listen to the skeptics and people who say that you will not succeed

We are all familiar with the kind of people who know in advance that you will not succeed, and everything bad. Each of us, and so self-critical enough, and listen to criticism and more from the side - a futile exercise. Spend as little time with these people, and instead concentrate on the people who support you and give legitimate criticism.

Spending time with people who do not appreciate you

There were in this situation? A situation where you are trying to please the people you care about. Spend a bright line between himself and such people and never cross it, because they only harm you and your self-esteem.

Overdo with booze
bad habits

We all know that overreliance firewater bad for us. But do you know how? According to the American studies that evaluate the effects on the body, it can greatly affect the health. Here is a short list of the problems that can cause intoxicating:

Lack of coordination and neural connections.
Arrhythmia, heart attacks, pressure.
Fibrosis, cirrhosis, hepatitis.
Remember this list each time to hold the mouth once a glass with alcohol. You are able to change it.

Eat junk food

Or junk food. You can not even try to find a "McDonalds", "Burger King" and other "restaurants" at least a small amount of proper food. Burgers, fries and other products are not only harmful, but also addictive.

Completely eliminate junk food from your diet is almost impossible. But try to reduce it to a minimum - your main task in the diet. Instead of carbonated beverages drink fruit juices. Instead, prepare homemade burgers, but no less tasty sandwiches. Experiment with food and develop the myth that healthy food can be delicious.

Be held hostage to the TV and social networking

With the advent of the Internet from the TV can be waived altogether. It is not too difficult, and not a single reasonable advantage of the TV over the Internet.

But what to do with social networks that devour time with great speed? Begin to reduce the time you spend on social networks. Even if you think that spending there and so little time, reduce it even more.

False success of your online friends, plenty of news and information noise - all this you do not need. And the sooner you realize this, the sooner be able to change.


Not only because it is rude and ugly in relation to others. More because of their lack of respect you call the same contempt in response, and this may play a cruel joke with you.

Stop being late and instead become punctual. Although there. Begin to come 15 minutes before the meeting and just bring along something than you to do. Fortunately, with our smart phones is not such a problem.

Hold unwanted relationship

If at least a few reasons you see yourself and your partner, then it's time to think, and whether you need these relations in general? Do not forget that time - a limited resource, and you should not spend it on something that brings no pleasure.

To do everything at the last minute

More often than not this sin students who are preparing for exams. It is obvious that there is nothing good about it. Such stress does not benefit the body. Plan your tasks, separate them into smaller pieces and make a timely manner. Doing all the time, you'll notice how much free time you will have.

See around the only bad

Any situation can react in two ways: to focus on the bad parts of it and complain about it or try to see something good and enjoy it. Criticize and to focus on the bad easily, but such an attitude to things just does not make you better.

Throw yourself a little challenge. Take any bad situation in your life and find in it three good aspects. Do similar exercise once a week. Thus, you develop the habit of looking for something good in every situation.



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