Best movies of the 21st century, filmed in Russia

Though many of the fans can say with certainty that Russian cinema is currently going through hard times, let us remember some truly worthy of the XXI century movies shot in Russia.
So let's start our movie marathon in the continuation of the post.

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Legend number 17 (2012)

Biopic. The whole world knows Valery Kharlamov - the legendary number 17, vozdvignuvshy our team to stardom. This film is about hockey and about one of the most memorable and spectacular sporting battles.

The Return (2003)

Suddenly, in the lives of two brothers appears their dad, whom they had seen before only in pictures. Father pulls the boys from their usual life and luck in the "march" to the island, where he remained alone with them. The film - a real Russian drama, enveloping and forcing immerse themselves in their own world. A continuation of "The Return" was the second and no less worthy of a film by Andrei Zvyagintsev - "Exile" (2007): here sostredotocheny attention not on the problem of fathers and children, and the problems of men and women.

I stay (2006)

Doctors Stipa, skeptical person and serious, talk about the afterlife always just annoyed. Until he was on the verge of life and death. It was then that he realized that life on earth is not so bad.

Pope (2004)

The only meaning of this man's life from a provincial town - his talented son: young violinist has shown great promise. When he became the best student of the Conservatory, the father decides to visit his son. But the son meets his father was not as he expected.

Stories (2012)

Four stories about different people. Four stories about the life that we see around us. The authors of the film manages to find the pain points today and bring them to the attention of the viewer.

Chapiteau-show (2012)

The film is divided into 2 parts: "Love and Friendship" and "respect and cooperation." Developing stories united by one place and time, there is a parallel. "Chapiteau Show" - it is an amazing picture showing how unpredictable everything in our world. Definitely worth watching.

The Island (2006)

During World War II, Anatoly commit treason by order of the Germans and shoots his friend Tikhon. Years pass, and miraculous abilities priest Anatoly legends. However, a terrible sin which he has committed, does not give him rest.

What Men Talk About (2010)

The film is based on the play "Conversations middle-aged men about women, film and aluminum forks". Excellent benefit for women who have no idea what they are talking about a man in the company of their friends. No less worthy creations with "Quartet" - the movie "Election Day" (2007) and "Radio Day" (2008).

Cook (2007)

Soulful film for a quiet pleasant evening. The story of how the little girl had become an adult and alone to oppose this terrible world. Why she was alone?

We are from the future (2008)

Four young people are digging in the field of fighting World War II. They are not too worried about the fate of the trophy - the main thing to make money. Until then, until they mysteriously do not carry over to 1942, hitting in the midst of heavy fighting. Patriotic and instructive.

Inadequate People (2010)

Vital thirty years, he was tired of problems and mental discomfort. In search of a better life, he moved to Moscow, he finds a job and begins measured life. That's just surrounding other plans for him.

Hipsters (2008)

The story of how young Muscovites' 50s had to fight for the right to not be like everyone: listen to different music, boogie, wearing different clothes. This film festival.

House of the Sun (2010)

A screen adaptation of the novel by Ivan Ohlobystina "House of the Rising Sun". Meeting with the leader of the hippie movement me wrong and prosperous life girls Sasha. New friends show her what it means to be free and happy. Sunny, warm and good movies.

How I spent this summer (2010)

Head of the polar station, Sergei and young intern Paul - one on the island Aarchum, Chukotka 6 hours water to the mainland. Pasha lazy, manipulated the figures, and in every way has the patience of Sergei. And when the two heroes watch comes to an end, Paul received the terrible news of which must be reported, but the language is not rotated. The film received three "Silver Bear" at the Berlin Film Festival. Foreign publications noted that this film tells the story of human weakness.

Heavenly Court (2012)

Mini-series, gave his version of the underworld. The decision about where to get the man after death, is taken to court. The defendant has a lawyer, the prosecutor has - just like on a real course. Only at stake - the human soul.

Metro (2012)

Perhaps the most successful in recent Russian film-catastrophe. Massive construction leads to the fact that in one of the subway tunnels crack appears. Violated tightness and flow of water demolishes everything in its path. The people trapped in the subway, not a lot of time to get out. Here and entertainment, and feelings, and the drama: all you need a good movie.

Geographer Globe propyl (2013)

A screen adaptation of the book by Alexei Ivanov. From hopelessness and lack of money biologist Sluzhkin arranged to school geography teacher. A teacher from a so-so. Trying to get along with students and director of studies, to establish peace in the family and with friends drinking wine, he just lives.

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