Petersburg cat sailor

It's all about him, about the St. Petersburg celebrity - cat sailors. For six years, he keeps watch on the ship "Nikolai Chernyshevsky." From St. Petersburg to Moscow and back - so his cat lives.

The captain's cabin sailor was still a kitten. Monthly Persian born in St. Petersburg kennel, brought on board the ship captain Vladimir Kotin. The kid was embarrassed at first, but quickly settled and found their place. Not anywhere - on the command console. And when the sailors were own peakless cap and vest, mustachioed formally accepted into the team.

 - It is we can all: Card Leafs, pumps includes - says "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Ivan Kotin. - The Persians say harmful, but this gentle, quiet people to himself allows him to come. But the food is selective, uses only expensive canned cat.

Cat lives in their schedule, but every day between midnight and four in the morning goes to watch. For such dedication and discipline he was promoted to First Lieutenant, handing the appropriate costume. All rank by rank - jacket, shirt, tie, cap. And if the vest sailor has allowed himself to wallow in the workplace, it is necessary to wear a jacket, demonstrates once proud military bearing starpomovskuyu.

However, one of the favorite accessories had to be abandoned. Selectivity in food and promotion affected the figure. Small lifeline that cat happy wore around his neck, now just does not fit.



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