The life of a shelter for domestic koteek 15

Welcome Yapovtsy))
Our news))
Until we hear the echoes of rustic joy) I priest mare foaled) Amazing colt. Its birth was harvested 30 liters of moonshine))) The first 3 days, the whole village to wash the baby horse) Then they christened him)) (defrocked priest))) Washed down with this whole thing moonshine) Our best worker Sancho became godfather. This brew they ended) Now, all the work we pull out of hand, we are covered by the universal attention and love to the first money for the next bottle) And the day before yesterday, and the whole village "fertilizes" the poor mare)) They are so called, modestly with downcast eyes and blushing))) So we finally plastered wall in the kitchen and the kitchen is broken in the second frame and grille with the window. Year requested))) In addition, our cash ran out and they do not like us anymore))))) We are puzzled why they mare "fertilize" the baby immediately after birth)) (maybe it is a ritual that we do not understand ) But the bellow of the soul)))
On Wednesday, we order food if you want to help us, so that we can buy more, will be very grateful !!!

Will be 38 photos

1) Monseratushka learns to sit))

2) Monseratushka stopped screaming like slaughtered, but learned how kurlykat meykun)))

3) Heel))

4) The weather here is such a) Banda mostly tusit home

5) day and night + 23-25 ​​from 2 to 9 degrees. Several times a day pass showers) and gale

6) The weather is not flying

7) Very splyuchaya

8) A little cleared up, but the neighbor had left the car, they mount)))

9) Tooten on grapes))

10 Svinik hid))

11 Tooten povalyaten)

12 Rare shot, felt boots, he does not like everything, especially to be photographed)) This name, of the fact that the fur falls in boots)

13 Boole as always drink my tea))

14 we were able to escape into the woods, only support a walkie and dogs)

15 Mushroom extract to fight, we have competitors boar)



18) the catch for a half hour, then poured buckets))

19) meets Tooten)

20) Again, Boole and tea))

21) Knop obsizhennaya cats)) and sawdust))

22) Apnosha walk up))

23) Monseratushka

24) Duck))

25) Vok with the babe in the woods. At walkie full name Nichevoka, small, did not eat anything))

26) Vok we got in age of one month and one glazzikom very long treated)) So naughty and did not eat anything (





31 Motja walk up) is 3 photo, he did not die and did not oblez, all get covered in a series and repyah, where he took is not clear)) had brutally cut out and comb, now we Motja bald)))



34 Fefelov Svinik and apricots. We invasion jays, thrushes and starlings. They all ate)) We have no cherries or cherries and apricots devoured all)))

35 Monseratushka acquainted with Uncle Glyzom and a piece of dog)))


All 37!


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