Beauty-Tip of the Week from the top models: Alessandra Ambrosio

What makes Alessandra Ambrosio to be one of the most popular models? It turned out, nothing special, but most importantly, as the beautiful Brazilian - a systematic approach to care for themselves.

Questions about plastic surgery Alessandra Ambrosio is always ready to answer honestly: yes, did. However, in eleven years, and in order to correct the shape of the ears. The result of a young schoolgirl Ambrosio was happy until two years later, she has not started terrible complications. Then a girl and do zareklas plastic. The more that you can improve the appearance and more affordable and secure way.
Alessandra - known fitness fan. In the gym running at every opportunity, and there "Rod iron" and runs on the track. If no mood to strain, the model deals with Pilates. The main thing that was a regular physical activity.

Branded beauty secret Ambrosio thinks proper nutrition. We are, as usual, on the protein diet, which is preferred by most models. However, the most favorite treat Brazilians are not the perennial chicken breasts or fish steamed and fresh juice of green vegetables. Groupies have a drink among the stars galore (even Lady Gaga recently admitted that she is ready to exchange hearty dinner at Papa's a glass of juice). At the height of fashion weeks in which Alessandra past two years has been actively involved, such tonic detox drink - its main salvation.

The composition of green vegetable juice usually include cucumber, cabbage, spinach, celery, and herbs. Nutritious and very useful!

There is one important secret that Ambrosio is ready to share with every lover of high heels. "If you want to enjoy the walk on them and do it in the model is beautiful - said Alessandra - at least once a week, go to the salon for a massage of legsĀ».


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